Shmooze News: The 47%, Jesus, and Boobies!

Wha’ Happened This Week?  So you’re never LATE TO THE PARTY.

1. Oh man, I was really hoping to avoid Romney bashing this week.  I’m not even kidding, y’all.  But if you wanna know about the most newsworthy of the week’s stories (highly informed banterer = no pain no gain) then we gotta rip off the bandaid: Romney really, really fucked up.  It was technically back in May that he was secretly filmed at a closed-door fundraiser making a number of dastardly remarks & it’s only now coming to light… but the problem isn’t really those remarks, anyway.  It’s what they reveal about his whole kinda cynical, kinda racist, kinda class-ist outlook (or maybe, if he doesn’t actually believe what he said, then it’s just a case of ye olde lie-to-appease-donors trick… Unfortunately that doesn’t imply very good things about his moral center either).  Now that the video’s out he is defending himself and taking nothing back except, if the American people will allow, his “inelegant” phrasing.  Oy.  (Oh, happy Jewish New Year, by the way.)

Just the facts: in the video he writes off “47%” of Americans as Obama supporters who don’t pay taxes and expect the government to compensate them for their general laziness, “who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”  (God forbid people feel they deserve food — tell ’em Ryan Gosling.)

But the thing is, that percentage that Romney quotes — though a pretty accurate number, it turns out — actually represents a lot of OLD PEOPLE, POOR WHITE WORKING PEOPLE, and VETS, which pretty much describes Romney’s supporters.  And…um… it’s not clear if he pays any taxes himself since he refuses to publish his tax returns.  So, wait… is he an Obama supporter?  Heh.  Well, obviously it’s easier to avoid his own tax issues and instead condemn half the country as freeloaders who will never “take responsibility for their lives” to a chuckling roomful of $50,000-a-plate donors who have no idea what it’d be like to live on that $50,000 for a full year.  This campaign is not over but even the GOPers think it mght be.  Except for the ones who want this 47% crap to be Romney’s new campaign strategy, guns blazin’.

2. Jesus mighta had a wife!  What?  This was NOT covered in Jesus Christ Superstar.  Historians have analyzed a newly-discovered piece of papyrus (old-timey paper) and are intrigued by the references to “my wife” and “she will be able to be my disciple.”  This apparently has less to do with the real, historical Jesus guy, who it’s pretty clear was never married, and more to do with the beliefs of Christians just a few hundred years after Jesus died who were instrumental in forming the religion.  Mostly, they wanted to know if they could get some… and were looking to Jesus for permission.  Well, maybe.  But the bigger story here is: this little tiny piece of papyrus could, outside the confines of academia where it’s been shared among scholars, spur further debate and perhaps a revolution of sorts on the controversial subject of women in the priesthood.  And sex for priests.  The legit kind, with someone their own age.

3. Oh my god, politics and religion!  Exactly what we’ve always been told not to discuss at parties!  Haha — I say, if you’re looking to commisserate or celebrate with like-minded individuals then it’s exactly these sorta subjects that can be highly rewarding to lament/enjoy together, and even if you’re not surrounded by like-minded peeps, both of the above news items are really about big subjects that are always fun to chat about.  Money and sex.  Heh.  I don’t know… what do you think?  What’s taboo these days?  Leave me a comment.

Okay, here’s the real news item numbero 3: Kate Middleton has breasts!  And they got exposed in photos printed first in France (oh, the French!) and then kinda all over Europe (oh, Europe!).  Though Kate and the Prince sued the first publication, pictures like that have a way of getting around.  Once everyone got sick of the initial titillation value (snicker snicker) they started asking good questions like what IS it with covering breasts anyway? And can the Duchess use her popularity (snicker snicker) for good and redefine the monarchy?  And the uber question: what is going on with the representation of women’s bodies these days?  Connect the reproductive rights issues in the states to the Middleton breastage and we have a big societal struggle on our hands.


WASH IT DOWN WITH A NICE GLASS OF bubbly Joseph Campbell:

Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.

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