SHMOOZE NEWS: List of Lists!

The Official Smarty at the Party Year-End List… of Year-End Lists!

(Supplemented by My Favorite Memes I Never Got to Use This Year, Even Though They Don’t Fit Here Either.  ‘Cuz It’s My Blog, Mothafucka!)

10. First off, Bill Moyers’ list of the underreported news of the year.  This is almost a good list.  I think we all want to know what’s been ignored by the press, both so we can feel some holier than thou resentment toward that damn mainstream media, and so we can just, like, know more stuff.  But I kinda wish Bill Moyers just answered the prompt himself.  This outsourcing attempt seems to leaves its respondents sounding huffy, and their answers a little reductive.

9. Love this.  2012 has been a big year for women.  I mean, it’s no 1919 but this has definitely been a year where I’ve had more chances to point out sexism/cultural-stereotypes-I-didn’t-think-anyone-actually-believed-anymore than I’ve ever wanted… this might be because I got married this year & wow does the Bridal Industrial Complex foist an impressive amount of that shit on unsuspecting matrimonial maidens.  But thanks to Buzzfeed’s “13 Sweeping (And Sometimes Contradictory) Statements People Have Made About Women This Year” there’s proof that a bunch of us were noticing some decidedly mixed signals as said stereotypes reared their heads and were battered down only to rear again: guys, turns out we’re both tremendously important decision-makers and also eh, pretty negligible and probably shouldn’t be trusted with our own bodies/minds.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 7.42.38 AM

8. Language!  This is Slate’s awesome response to the New York Times’ not-entirely-satisfying list of words that deserve a moratorium this year, and here’s Jen Doll’s wrap-up of the year’s worst, which I enjoy partly because I have never heard of some of the words on the list, which makes it more likely I’ll actually start to use ’em.  Subversion!  Also, obviously, I think her colleague’s rant re: the word “curate” sounds like more huffy journalism.  Apparently if they link to things they’re doing their job and, they’d probably argue, supporting their arguments with evidence; if we link to things we’re just “cobbling together preexisting web content.”  Sounds like I need a paycheck from The Atlantic & nothing short will legitimize me.  Ehem.  Now, to tack on another link at the end here all helter skelter like, this is a fantastic synthesis of all the the end-of-year lexicography chats — including an open competition for word-of-the-year (#woty) via the American Dialect Society.  Wait, that exists??

respectful discourse

7. ‘Cuz no list of lists would be complete without a movie list.  I still need to see almost all of these.  And at least a few of these.  Which is crazy because I feel like I’ve been catching up on movies non-stop since December hit… so apparently there’s either a lot of good movies out this year, or I’ve been picking all the wrong ones to see.  Heh.  Also, in the land of pop culture, Time‘s list of the year’s top 10 viral videos is super fun.  I mean: Cookie Monster’s Share It Maybe!

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 12.26.32 AM

6. Trends!  From “Sexiest Hardware Store Award” to “The Meta Award” this article‘s adorable arrangement of all things trendy from the year that was deserves a look-through & a giggle of recognition.

5. I LOVE TED.  Not the teddy bear.  I mean, he’s funny-ish if insidiously homophobic but it’s not really cool to speak ill of Seth MacFarlane & anyway that’s not what I was talking about.  TED TALKS!  Here’s the best/most popular ones of late, which I’m now going to spend 18-minutes-times-20-plus watching.  While considering if Seth MacFarlane is a gay.

the winter of my disco tent

4. Twitter!  There were funny tweets this year & some of them weren’t even written by famous people.  Heh.  Check out this list of 50 funny tweets and next year I’m gonna be better about favoriting my own favorites in real time, dammit!

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.57.11 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 11.56.56 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 12.00.00 AM

3. In case you’re worried we’re getting too populist here (I know!) here’s a splendid look at the the year’s most thought-provoking essays in two acts, curated by David Brooks of the New York Times.  It’s brilliant, and certainly as revealing about our nation’s trends as a list of trends is.  ZEITGEIST, I AM IN YOU.

noam chompsky

2. As we all know, the year ended with a lot of really really bad news.  Terrible, painful, don’t-want-to-read-the-news news.  What I love about this silly, GIF-laden month by month retrospective is its shameless burst of positive counter-energy.  SIGH!  Silver linings keep us going (as discussed last week… yep, I’m going through a “Jennifer Lawrence is my go-to for optimism” phase) and these are some really fun & shiny ones.

1. And finally, no list of lists would be complete without a list of lists on the list.  Haha.  Thank you, the New Yorker, for the Hundred Best Lists of All Time (which includes, as one might hope, everything from the Mayflower Passenger List to the Maxim Top 100… as well as the even hotter Dewey Decimal System.  Awwwww yeah).


Quote of the week from Fred Rogers: watch here.  5 minutes of perfect.


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