SHMOOZE NEWS: Droning On About V-Day

Wha’ Happened This Week?  So you’re never LATE TO THE PARTY.

1. A’ight we’re gonna get to the V-day love-in in a sec, but first a quick cha-cha through a topic so soporific that the very word describing it is synonymous with “boring” — DRONES!  Nooooooo!  But the reality is: they’re actually really fucking scary.  And they just had their coming out party this week so here’s what’s up: this old white guy named John Brennan is up for Petraeus’s post as the head of the CIA — and he happens to be “The Architect Behind Obama’s Killing Machines.”  A catchy nickname for sure.  So when he went through the ol’ Senate confirmation hearing process this week, suddenly drones are the talk of the town.  Especially ‘cuz simultaneously a memo surfaced suggesting that Obama, Mr. Transparency himself, has been slightly less-than when it comes to his covert drone strikes over parts of the Middle East and Africa… which have been going on for quite some time, and which entail sending un-manned (or -womanned) weapons out to kill Al Qaeda dudes, aaaand kinda sorta terrorizing innocent civilians in the meanwhile.  Oh, and the memo is specifically about justifying killing Americans if they’ve turned to the dark side.

SATP dronesFortunately, “a new Pew Research Center poll has revealed that a majority of Americans are torn over whether they support the government’s right to kill them anywhere at any time without due process.”  Haha — ooooh, the Onion.

Ok, so, for reals, the good side is: Obama is protecting us from another attack on our soil — and so far so good.  But, bad side?  He’s fueling some firy anti-American sentiment among Yemenis & Pakistanis (and etcs) who might have felt pretty neutral about America before they were, oh, bombarded with bombs from above.  Short term gain, long term pain?

SATP drone porn2. And on that note… less than a week till Valentine’s Day!  A celebration of the beheading of a saint who was pro-Jesus around a bunch of Romans who… weren’t.  Yep, Feb 14th is technically the anniversary of that guy’s death so, ya know, why not feel forced to be unusually lovey dovey in fiscal or chocolatal form to commemorate his gruesome demise!

Seriously, Valentine’s Day could use a serious image overhaul, for serious.  Et voila: this is a must-read interview with Eve Ensler (of The Vagina Monologues fame) promoting the One Billion Rising movement that’s DEF a better V-day plan than getting in a fight with your significant other over dinner ‘cuz your exact romantic expectations weren’t met (what?  Am I the only one?  Heh.)… Click on the image and find out if peeps are gathering in your area.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.15.32 AM‘Cuz as old-timey anarchist & activist Emma Goldman once said, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”  PREACH!

Oh also, while we’re talking about romance:

SATP men birth controlToo much?  Hey, also: if you’re relationship-minded these days, do you &  your significant other (or S.O. to be) drink about the same amount?  Check out this article about what that says about you.

3. There was some raaaaandom & awesome news this week.  For god knows what reason, Shakespeare nerds & history buffs were joined by… EVERYONE ELSE in celebrating a resurgence of Richard III’s popularity.  (And Joni Mitchell’s, for that matter.)

SATP richard 3We heard a lot about the woes of the modern-day waitress (and the modern-day hypocrisy of professional Christians).

We found out militantly pro-animal rights group PETA flirts with hypocrisy itself (this article also paraphrases a Shakespeare quote in its title, just to go with the Bard-ish theme here for anyone playing along at home).

AND we’re losing mail on Saturdays in the US of A.  As another freaky winter storm (with a freakishly inappropriate name) threatens the Northeast, rain and sleet and hail and mostly Congress is apparently gonna keep USPS from its appointed rounds… well, starting this summer, is the threat.

SATP nemoOh god, that’s really bad.  I can’t end with that.  Okay… here’s my final ode to V-day in all its glory — and a reminder to all a la The Smarty at the Party:

SATP sapiosexual

And y’all, in the spirit of sapiosexuality, if you like The Smarty at the Party, share it with your most nerdy/least nerdy friends?  Shmooze News all around!


Quote of the week:

SATP anne frank poor

2 thoughts on “SHMOOZE NEWS: Droning On About V-Day

  1. First, another great blog! Really enjoy reading it… Second, I do not know how you can attach that article from Wired regarding couples drinking together, and not mention that further down in the same article, it says that scientists have managed to use a 3D printer to make– STEM CELLS!!– WTF, science? Wow. I mean, I am all for research and helping people who need organs,etc. But these 3D printers are scary. I want a blog about that next week! Ha. 🙂 Great job, as always!!


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