SHMOOZE NEWS: Oscar! The Other One!

A departure this week over here in Smartyland ‘cuz this was an eh week.  And also: OSCAR!

Okay, I mean, if you came here for the big shmooze news here’s the quick ‘n dirty of what went down this week ‘cuz I don’t wanna leave you hanging, gentle readers.  Or scroll down for a VIDEO hello from moi.

People will be talking about… the other Oscar, that amputeed South African Olympian who killed his model girlfriend ostensibly because he thought she was a burglar (I mean, listen, we all be sleepy first thing when we wake up) but ps. South Africa gun control looks like this: THREE CHARACTER REFERENCES REQUIRED per gun purchased!  Uh-mazing.

Or they’re talking about the big Climate Change protest in Washington last weekend and the unholy alliance between global warming radicals & normal people just wanting to make a difference (and, to be a little cynical, they’re prob NOT talking about China’s big announcement about reducing carbon emissions that puts Republicans to shame).

SATP denialOr yeah, on the shame front, how ’bout all those Congressmen it turns out have secret lovechildren?  ‘Cuz successfully hiding transgressions is the most valuable family value there is, if ya know what I mean.  Har har.

SATP diapers politiciansAnd, finally, the impending Academy Awards, for which you can check out fun stuff here, here, and here — and something a little more politically charged here — to up your Smarty game at the shmoozefest Sunday.

But really I wanna talk about three quick things, that are good & lovely & inspire a little less vitriol:

1. Watch this TED talk about relationships & sex.  For reals, watch it.  It’s genius & should come with humans as our instruction manual.  Tell me if you agree.

2. Read this article about failure.  Ditto the above.  Genius.  Been quoting it in real life.

3. As Adam Lambert said so eloquently, Whataya want from me?  Check out ye olde manifesto if you wanna see what initially got me all juiced up on doing this blog and then pop back here to tell me: is it working?  What would rock your pants off even harder?  How ’bout… a video from me?!!  WHAT?  Wait… why haven’t I done this before?  CLICK BELOW!


Quote of the week:

SATP gays cruise

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