SHMOOZE NEWS: Sequester Used to Mean “To Hide”

Wha’ Happened This Week?  So You’re Never LATE TO THE PARTY.

1. As we recover from being anywhere from royally to middlingly offended about people seeing other people’s boobs (or writing parody songs about it)… we wake up to: THE SEQUESTER!

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 11.27.49 PM
In honor of the goats shrieking. These look kinda like goats, right?

Or maybe it’s… THE SEQUESTRATION!  The grammatical curiosity of a self-imposed spending cuts nightmare is upon us, and the wild chainsaw wielding meant to slash 85 billion bucks from the federal budget is set to launch at some unspecified time today — Friday.  Obama’s not actually meeting with congressional leaders to try to avoid said cuts till this afternoon, so hopefully it doesn’t start till after that… or, at all.  ‘Cuz it’s super super bad, y’all.  Like SO bad, for so many different industries from the military to the arts to meat-eating (food-safety inspection workers won’t be paid to work as many days!  This has potentially grossifying consequences), that the entire point of the sequester in the first place was to DETER Congress from ever EVER goin’ there.SATP debt ceilingBut they went there.  For more, click on my ol’ pal Ryan Gosling:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.35.01 AM

Saturday update: it’s for reals.  They met, they reached no agreement, the sequester begins.  For an overview of “what to expect when you’re sequestering” read THIS.  It’s awesome… in that way where it’s about something really shitty.

As my deliciously clever hubby points out, isn’t one of the definitions of “sequester” (when referencing a jury) literally to isolate a group of people till they make a decision?  IRONY ALERT.

2. How do you guys feel about working from home?  Isn’t it kinda everyone’s dream?  Unless they’re at Google, with the ping pong parties & the fruit-piles toppling from grecian urns (ps. if you’ve ever lamented not learning to code so you could join said bastian of hedonism, check out what and the Zuck have to say about it & save the next generation).

Well, Google’s first female employee (back in ’99) who’s now in charge of saving the sewage-filled cruise ship that is Yahoo! has got plans, people — and they involve getting her employees outta their bathrobes and into a car for a long commute across Silicon Valley.  And the news (which started as just a little internal HR memo) has inspired as much backlash — and equal & opposing support — as Lena Dunham, for god’s sake.  Actually, that may be related (and how ’bout all the vitriol toward Anne Hathaway?!  Read this).

The smartest thing I’ve read about the no-more-work-from-home drama is this WaPo article that says, yeah, working moms worry Mayer has “turned into an evil caricature of a woman who wanted to have it all” and yeah there’s some stats that suggest telecommuting might be more productive and certainly saves on gas…

But take a deep breath and consider a few things. Mayer is a young celebrity CEO who hangs with people like Wyclef Jean and Matt Lauer. She’s not an out-of-touch Old School CEO without any idea of how this Internet thing works. She knows how the Googleplex works, inside and out, since she was the 20th person ever hired at Google. Finally, Mayer must be aware that people look to her not just for tactical decisions, but also for the types of big, global ideas that sell magazines. She’s not about to blow it all on a move that makes her look like a newbie CEO panicking in an attempt to turn around a company in crisis mode.

SATP booze3. Sexy time.  This awesome article suggests that BDSM — gaining ever more mainstream nods of recognition thanks, in part, to Fifty Shades — is actually about as geeky as ren faires and ComicCon.  I’ll buy it.  You?


Quote of the week:

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