SHMOOZE NEWS: Human Rights Just Feel So Right

1. BIG WEEK!  Marquette made it to the Elite Eight & Bioshock Infinite came out, people!!  Haha — that’s according to my hubby.  Well, those stories and the one about everyone painting Facebook red.  Yeah, the dominating news item this week came outta DC where  the Supreme Court took up some cases having to do with gay rights (specifically, very specifically, gay marriage) and the online community everywhere joined forces in solidarity, changing their profile pictures to variations on a theme:

SATP willie nelson

SATP beyonce ring
omg, you guys! this is beyonce’s handwriting!
SATP matzah equal
(against oppression of all kinds)

The deal is, those justices up in the Supreme Court were spending this week hearing “oral arguments” (awww, yeah) on the Defence of Marriage Act (DoMA) that was signed into law way back in 1996, since with 17 years’ hindsight (well, or like 1 minute’s hindsight) it’s pretty clear it’s a discriminatory law.  It doesn’t defend marriage it all — it defends straight marriage… from… wait… what?

SATP louis ck gayIf you want the goods on the actual legal side o’ things, check this out.  Lots of aspects of this case are unprecedented.  As is the degree of Facebookish support — but how much does uploading a symbol on Facebook do?

SATP facebook
…Justice Scalia surely wondered.

And in a New Yorker article this week, author & social observer Malcolm Gladwell raised the cynic’s flag:

“Facebook activism succeeds not by motivating people to make a real sacrifice but by motivating them to do the things that people do when they are not motivated enough to make a real sacrifice.”

I mean… I’d argue that showing support in such numbers that it seems the majority of America is in favor of gay rights, as indeed they are, matters.  Plus, lots of peeps near DC did make their activism more than pixelized:

That's an anti-gay rally of pink ladies in the background, in case that's confusing.
This is an anti-gay rally of pink ladies in the background, in case it’s confusing. They’re the agape ones.

Or this one…

SATP gay agenda
I always find I have to relax with my family too after I spend 15 minutes breaking up a hetero marriage.

As members of Congress & political leaders “are falling all over themselves” (as Chief Justice John Roberts obnoxiously said during hearings this week) to endorse gay marriage, we should probably remember:

Against oppression of all kinds.And if you have an lingering doubts on the issue yourself, this enlightened mormon’s blog is brilliant and a must-read.

2. And then people freaked out (okay, by people I mean liberals worried they were getting too complacent — thanks, Malcolm) that while we were all distracted with the rah-rah gay stuff Obama gave evil frankenfood maker Monsanto eternal immunity.  You guys — you know who started those misleading rumors?  Conservative think tanks.  Even ‘Snopes agrees.  It’s a short-term thing (which is, dare I say, the opposite of eternal), and it was part of a greater act to keep the government from shutting down this week because it’s run out of funds.  Ps. The government didn’t shut down this week.  You’re welcome.

3. Easter!  Here’s “The Creepiest Easter Bunny Photos Ever Taken” (which super lives up to its name), and here’s the real deal on why we associate bunnies with eggs with Jesus round abouts this time of year.

SATP jewish man*****

Quote of the week — sorry, couldn’t resist:

SATP oreilly

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