SHMOOZE NEWS: Our Freedoms!

SATP blind patriotismHope your 4ths of Julys were epic and wonderful, all!  Or at least, not as snarkily despairing as the above!  Here in Smartyland I’m off for the next few weeks, and then…

SATP global warming

…going to a supercool training conference to hang with Al Gore and learn how to save the world, at the end of the month in Chicago!  ‘Cuz there’s only so much curating of news you can use to shmooze one can do before taking a little action, y’all.  It’s called the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.  Please check out my Indiegogo campaign here — and pass it along if you’re not in a position to give.  Either way, you’ll get some bigtime karma points (and lovin’ from me).

Thanks so much, and enjoy July!

SATP celebrate americaHeh.

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