SHMOOZE NEWS: Mother Russia & Father Climate

My smarties — I’m baaaaack.  Happy August!  (Whoa, it’s almost this blog’s one year anniversary.  What should I do to celebrate?)

To begin: instead of saving my rando treasures de la web for the end, here’s an up front gem — a HuffPo column called “The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up.'”  Go ahead ‘n read it.  It’s okay if it takes you a bit to make it back here 🙂

SATP do better1. The climate!  Fun times!  But for serious: whether seeing this week’s horrible images of dying polar bears helps you appreciate the enormity of what we’re doing with all our CO2 emissions, or something that more directly affects our health or our beer brings the reality home… I mean, is it just me or is there news EVERYWHERE these days that the actual climate crisis is actually happening, like now??

SATP save world
An oldie but goodie!

And whether you’re still not sure if it’s man-made or you’re totally convinced but what can one person possibly do, despair despair DESPAIRRRRRRRRR (ehem), what we all have in common is that we’d probably each answer no to the question, “do you wanna dick over the next generation?”

So: what’s the solution, that’ll make a real difference on a big-timey scale?  Well, laws.  But climate crisis hero of fiendish eyebrows fame, Al Gore, says: win the conversation and the laws will follow.

2. Talking about the fall of communism… I don’t know a whole lot about my ancestral homeland Mother Russia, but Vladimir Putin’s not making it look particularly attractive (any natives reading?  Please feel free to correct me).  The latest Kremlin grumblin’ is about the fact that Obama ceremoniously cancelled a chatty chat with the Russian president that was on the books for early September — because O’s none too pleased with the whole harboring Snowden thing.

SATP obama putin
But their previous date went so well!

However, while the leaders duke it out old skool style — in musty awkwardness (see above) & telegrams — we’re all much more interested in Russia’s ongoing saga of the gay — front n’ center thanks to the 2014 Winter Games hurtling toward us at luge-like breakneck speeds (wait, didn’t the Olympics just happen??).

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 8.40.52 AM
Way scarier than Shark Week.

Apparently, among other draconian anti-LGBT laws on the books in Russia these days, is one that could affect anyone attending the games: detainment of gay or pro-gay tourists.  Um.  Lots of people are speaking out to win this conversation.  Eternal Star Treker George Takei says, “At all costs, Putin cannot be seen to have the approval of the civilized world.”  (<– and promotes a petition that’s already getting a LOT of signatures.)  And actor Stephen Fry says:

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.28.16 PM

SATP otters
(‘cuz we needed something really cute after that quote above)

3. Talking about which… sex!  This article from Salon reviews the new movie The To-Do List, and points out that post-Bridesmaids chick flicks that purport to have feminist heroines ‘cuz the ladies are as into sex as their male counterparts miiiiighta got the definition wrong.  Of feminist and of sex.  And this one, called “Sex Is Important But Not Really,” goes even further in the latter category.  A good read.  But the best?  My favorite meme of the week:

SATP tent of loversYou’re welcome.


Quote of the week:

SATP feminism

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