SHMOOZE NEWS: Achtung, Baby

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K, now:

1. Miley Cyrus is nothing like Syria, but she has inadvertently helped Syria splash the news cycle this week, and for that I’m grateful for her twerkorama.  A surprising number of journalists linked the two, mostly in horror that people were paying more attention to the former’s calculatedly outrageous performance at the VMAs than the latter’s dance on the (red) line between being just a country in wild dissarray or one that the US will start a war with.

Oh, it’s sooo cynical and so typoed, I know.

Some writers relished regaling us with Google stats comparing the two tales and seemed to foretell the demise of humanity not from war but from stupidity.  Others wonderered if we might be able to keep two thoughts in our head at once, one local and offensive & the other global and horrific.  (And duh, everyone turns their Syria story into something more digestible with a whiff of homegrown Cyrus disgust — guiiiiilty!).

SATP syria cyrusBut it worked: now we’re all paying attention to Syria and not a moment too soon.  Latest news: Obama got a very surprising down vote from the UK, our closest ally, about whether or not we should start throwing  cruise missiles at Syria as punishment for Assad’s seeming spurt of chemical weaponry upon his own people.  So now we don’t go or we go it alone (dear lord, I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees the word “unilaterally” and is instantly wracked by a full-on case of Bush Doctrinitis).  For the best, shortest explanation of what’s really going on with Syria, please please go here.  For the Onion-iest but yet creepily accurate, go here.

2. This past weekend the Lincoln Memorial saw a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington & MLK’s “I have a dream” speech — here’s a STUNNING retelling of how that day went down 50 years ago, and how his most famous words were improvised.  That said, as this New Yorker piece suggests,

“The 1964 Civil Rights Act was the signature achievement of the movement, but its actual impact has never been harder to assess, largely because of the resemblance between the present and the past.”

SATP sitting justicesOr, as one little old lady in the crowd was quoted as saying on Saturday:

“I was here for justice in 1963, and I’m still waiting.”

SATP civil rights3. Sigh.  What would listening to this TED talk’s edicts about listening do to make the world a better place?

Or this gifting of enormous wealth?

Or this audacious & aw-dorable Bill Watterson reminder to “invent your own life’s meaning?” (Original post, with wonderful commentary by artist Gavin Aung Than, at that link — but the art is below, and will also serve as my quote of the week.  It’s THAT GOOD.)

SATP watterson

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