A Cocktail of Avoidance

This week my excuse is one part Social Media Week (continues through tonight’s shmoozefest!), and one part avoiding the insanity out of Washington & horror out of Nairobi.  A cocktail for not writing my blog, y’all.  Here’s the scoop in 250 words or less:

This Senator guy named Ted Cruz pretended to filibuster like Wendy Davis and it got a lot of news coverage. His fauxlibuster lasted 21 hours on the Senate floor ‘cuz it takes a long time to attempt to use Dr. Seuss to undo Obamacare.  Here’s his tangents, ranked by relevancy.  Apparently people in college (at my alma mater — very proud) couldn’t stand him either.

SATP ted cruzIf you’re feeling hopeless about all this government shutdown drama (countdown till Tuesday!), check out this ingenious petition that suggests that the constituents of the obstructionist Congressmen/woman in question should perhaps be held accountable for their decision to elect these dudes. (Full disclosure: great petition, mom!)

Meanwhile, the U.N. announced this week that climate change is man-made!  (REALLY?  This is still a thing??)…

SATP renewable fanAnd all kinds of genuine optimism oozed out of the Social Good Summit in NYC.  Some awesome quotes include:

SATP sgs 1and:

SATP girlsAnd as I head back into social media land, or should I say #socialmedialand, I can’t help but share everyone’s favorite commentary on digital society this week outta JT & JFallon.  Hate on hashtags all you want — I still think they introduced a whole generation to the concept of being meta, and that ain’t bad.

Big love all — and next week I promise a proper debrief on this Social Media Week maelstrom!  All I’ll say right now is… this happened:

photo 4Oh, and enjoy the final ep of Breaking Bad.  Finally a show says what we’ve all been thinking:

SATP breaking bad

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