The Fun ‘n Sassy Shutdown

This was literally a lost week for me.  I got hit with a bad cold/fever/crapfest and slept like 20 hours a day the last 3 days.  So um… what went down y’all?

Heh.  So far I’ve gathered that our government shut down and (not unrelatedly) Obamacare commenced and (entirely unrelatedly) Sinead O’Connor found Miley Cyrus resistant to mentorship.

SATP congressWhy are the Tea Party Republicans willing to screw the country — close national parks, dry up military commissaries, delay cancer treatment for children AS THOUGH THEY HAVE TIME ON THEIR SIDE, and a whole bunch of random stuff like shuttering the popular “Meat and Poultry Hotline” — rather than admit that Obamacare is the new law of the land??

Well, word on the street is… it’s either racism or that pesky birth control stuff’s got them down.

If you want the full story all fun ‘n sassy like, in seven minutes or less, allow me to refer you to one, Jon Stewart.  By the way, here’s how Obamacase/the Affordable Care Act does or doesn’t affect you:

And bonus, if you’re a girl, COSMO tells us some Obamacare facts that affect us ‘n our lady parts.  And bonus bonus, if you’re feeling Walter White withdrawal symptoms and would like your world events packaged as Breaking Bad metaphors, here ya go:

SATP BBI’ll be back up and running for reals next week, y’all!  Have a wooooonderful weekend and please, share any tales of shmoozing!  Oh and yes, this blog is back to being called “The Smarty at the Party” — ya know, a girl’s gotta try on a bunch of different outfits sometimes.

What do you think?

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