SHMOOZE NEWS: Beauty & the Interwebs

Yup, technically speaking, news happened this week.  From the apocalyptically bad: there’s an insane cyclone typhoon storm hitting the Phillippines this very moment & breaking all records (though weirdly ThinkProgress seems to be the only publication connecting the dots to man-made climate change, cough cough).  To the eh: some revealing-ish state elections went down this past Tuesday as peeps around the US kicked out Tea Party creepers (some clever ideas about how to fix stupid election problems in future also went down).  To some — WHAT?? — actually good (or good for the moment) news comin’ outta Congress: the bill to outlaw discrimination at work based on sexual orientation… made it through the first round!  No thanks, of course, to the 32 Republicans who voted “nay.”  But I should stop being so cynical — listen, they’re just super into discrimination, guys.  Everybody’s got their hobbies.

SATP bible vs constitution gayBut this speech that went around this week is what’s on my mind:

10 minutes of gold.  It’s about hard conversations and we’ve all had them — or put off having them and wasted stupid amounts of of time in our own closets be they, as she says, rainbow colored or not.

Makes me think of some other favorite bits that arose this week on the ol’ interwebs having to do with lady culture & authenticity.  You can’t click through these awesome/awful renderings of real life heroines all Disney-ified…

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.55.38 AM… without also checking out this companion piece from The Atlantic on HOW DISNEY REBRANDED ITSELF AND FUCKED UP GENERATIONS OF LITTLE KIDS IN THE PROCESS.  Reminds me of a great panel discussion I got to be at this week — some of the ladies behind the new Book of Jezebel spoke at my local Barnes & Noble — where filmmaker & Six Feet Under writer/producer Jill Soloway said she’s often had to run her stories by the ‘golf course men’ at the top of the chain of command, who think wish-fulfillment for women is looking beautiful, when in fact it’s “looking like Lena Dunham but getting Patrick Wilson anyway.”  Beauty’s just a means toward an end.  Getting good stuff whether or not we’re beautiful is far preferable… although perhaps not for some men watching.

SATP spend moneyAnd finally: mourning on social media is a cringeworthy thing to do OR witness, right?  I’m a total sucker for good writing that attempts to help us process our crazy world, and this fabulous article by Katy Waldman breaks it down for us starting with “Selfies at Funerals” and getting to the reality that if we seem a little poser-y or even self-promote-y when mourning public figures in 140 characters or less, or awkwardly over-share-y when writing an impromptu eulogy to a loved one on Facebook… well,

“Of course, this makes our online interactions pretty much the same as our offline ones: a stream of true and false statements mixed together, adding up to a social self that is sort of us and sort of not.”


SATP twitter IPOHappy weekends, my dears!  Invest your time well 🙂

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