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SHMOOZE NEWS: When the Nuclear Option Ain’t Bad

SATP kennedyUnbeknownst to us, US Senators of the progressive persuasion were at a breaking point.  And here I thought that was just me.  Snap!  Um, anyway, turns out they — or rather Harry Reid, the dude in charge — surprised everyone this week when he went ahead and changed a major procedural rule that’s affected all our lives (indirectly, but still).  Doing so is called the Nuclear Option because it’s kinda a big deal.  Or because everything in Congress has to sound REALLY DRAMATIC.

Basically: no longer can the Republican minority obstruct what should be a simple majority Demo win (51-49), with all their blabbering.  Or threats to blabber.  Yes, for years now (oddly about the same amount of time Obama has been president — sooo weiiird) the conservative side o’ the 100 member Senate has used The Filibuster (running out the clock by talking, or warning they might) to block all kinds of legislation, ‘cuz the thing about filibusters is that they required — until yesterday — a 60 member majority to break ’em and get back to the vote at hand.  Those 9 extra Senators were often hard to come by.

SATP obamas faultMostly the Republicans are like “how dare you?” and the Dems are like “eh, you woulda done it too.”  Congress is really the same as the sandbox at daycare.  “You stole my toy and broke it!  I WANTED TO BREAK IT FIRST.”

Talking about hatin’ on the Republicans, the Cheney clan is back in the news, putting the quotes around “family values.”  Liz Cheney, daughter of one, Dick, is running for a senate seat in Wyoming (a state she’s not, how-you-say, entirely from — so there’s that) and apparently calculated that to win she has to disavow her gay sister, Mary.

SATP gathererIf it was some sort of agreed-upon thing between the two sisters in private, fine.  Still spineless and feeding the Tea Party’s bigotry beast.  But at least a heartless political move they made together.  Instead, Mary was blindsided and took to social media this week to air her and her wife’s grievances.  Keeping it classy, Cheneys.

Also this week: a full-on walkout at the international climate talks in Poland.

SATP einstein climatePlus, an insane mansplainer inside the walls of Variety bestowed some career advice on Sarah Silverman (that, as one critic put it, makes it seem he’s “almost angry that she hasn’t prioritized fame and fortune over exploring and perfecting her own comedic voice.”  She’s just so pretty, is the thing.  It’s just such a shame).

SATP Funny Girls PieAnd finally, Vulture gave us the 100 Pop Culture Things that Make You Millennial!  Ok, it isn’t actually from this week, but I mean, nostalgia’s nostalgia.  It doesn’t age, people.  By definition.

SATP hunger gamesThat’s right: happy Turkey Day and Hanukkah, my dears!

Oh!  Also… if you wanna see some Samara stuffs elsewhere on the web, here’s an article I wrote about Impostor Syndrome, and a music video in which I may or may not be the drummer.  K, thanks.


A Cocktail of Avoidance

This week my excuse is one part Social Media Week (continues through tonight’s shmoozefest!), and one part avoiding the insanity out of Washington & horror out of Nairobi.  A cocktail for not writing my blog, y’all.  Here’s the scoop in 250 words or less:

This Senator guy named Ted Cruz pretended to filibuster like Wendy Davis and it got a lot of news coverage. His fauxlibuster lasted 21 hours on the Senate floor ‘cuz it takes a long time to attempt to use Dr. Seuss to undo Obamacare.  Here’s his tangents, ranked by relevancy.  Apparently people in college (at my alma mater — very proud) couldn’t stand him either.

SATP ted cruzIf you’re feeling hopeless about all this government shutdown drama (countdown till Tuesday!), check out this ingenious petition that suggests that the constituents of the obstructionist Congressmen/woman in question should perhaps be held accountable for their decision to elect these dudes. (Full disclosure: great petition, mom!)

Meanwhile, the U.N. announced this week that climate change is man-made!  (REALLY?  This is still a thing??)…

SATP renewable fanAnd all kinds of genuine optimism oozed out of the Social Good Summit in NYC.  Some awesome quotes include:

SATP sgs 1and:

SATP girlsAnd as I head back into social media land, or should I say #socialmedialand, I can’t help but share everyone’s favorite commentary on digital society this week outta JT & JFallon.  Hate on hashtags all you want — I still think they introduced a whole generation to the concept of being meta, and that ain’t bad.

Big love all — and next week I promise a proper debrief on this Social Media Week maelstrom!  All I’ll say right now is… this happened:

photo 4Oh, and enjoy the final ep of Breaking Bad.  Finally a show says what we’ve all been thinking:

SATP breaking bad

SHMOOZE NEWS: Beyond the Old Guys

Wha’ Happened This Week.  So You’re Never LATE TO THE PARTY.

Old men did lots of stuff this week.  They filibustered (the real way, for once).  They died.  They assumed there’d be a second coming of Venezuelan prez Hugo Chavez, like ya do.  They started campaigning for 2016 ‘cuz THAT’s what we all need.  They attempted dinner-party diplomacy.  And of course they (it was them for the most part) greased the capitalist machine and made THIS happen:

So I’m going on an old men strike.  No offense to the good ones — seriously.  This isn’t your fault.  But I’m focussing on what else is out there.  AND it turns out coincidentally that today’s International Women’s Day anyway — who knew?  Is it a thing?  Well according to the internet, it IS and it HAS BEEN, and we deserve flowers (which I’m pretty sure is easier for men to give us than equality so maybe reconsider that tradition?)… Lookie here.

SATP iwd1. A couple o’ women are largely responsible for what’s been called “a milestone in the AIDS war.”  A Mississippi-born kid who was given faster & stronger treatment than normal RIGHT after birth is basically cured, according to a big announcement at a big AIDS conference this week.  And although scientists & doctors everywhere are hesitant to get too excited before the kid grows up and we see for sure, or before there’s more than one case to prove the rule, this is really awesome and could seriously change the stats — right now 300,000-400,000 babies are born with HIV every year, largely, as you might guess, in Africa.

SATP tyrannasaurus
Because… obviously.

2. Some kids (haha — in their early 20s, but kids in terms of their generational identity, and their age relative to moi) are grappling with some big stuff re: climate change… if you read ONE THING about the climate situation and what should or shouldn’t be done now, this is it.  The author deals with a lot of the gray area between a dangerous radicalism borne of desperation vs. apathy, and the kids reveal their totally real struggles with fear & courage as they try to fight the intangible of their own darkening future.  Here’s one of the girls interviewed for the article — a Harvard sophomore:

One of the seniors, last year, […] said something like, “You know, I think I could die of climate change. That could be the way I go.” And that stuck with me. And the more I learn about it, and read the incredibly scary reports coming out from the World Bank — saying, like, 4 degrees Celsius by 2100 may be impossible to adapt to — it’s very possible that we could be the generation watching our society crumble away. And, I don’t know, sometimes I walk around Harvard late at night, you know, with all these huge, fancy buildings, and think about what Rome was before it fell. And are we the generation that gets to sit and watch America fall?

SATP destroy earth Ed Begley

3. Y’all, I’m not a fan of promoting random stuff I don’t believe, so I don’t.  I mean, that said, no one’s really offered me enough to test whether I can be bought — heh, sounds like a dare to me — but so far, you can trust me 🙂

So, go get this movie!  The filmmaker’s own vision is closely aligned with why I started “The Smarty at the Party,” which might explain partly why it was such an inspiring watch; she rather brilliantly puts all those big picture global stories that are hurtling toward us daily into perspective, and helps us sift through the onslaught.  WITH love ‘n humor ‘n all that juicy stuff.  But she also samples from our popular culture and her own life rather fearlessly.  Let’s all aim for that ‘n tell our own stories, eh?  Watch “Connected” and lemme know what you think.


Quote of the week from Coco Chanel:

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.